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    It’s a great time to enjoy an ice-cold Red Stripe Water Melon Beer there is simply nothing better for your trip. Pre-order your drink for only $10.00 each and we will have it ready and waiting for you upon pickup.

Red Stripe Melon Beer is a line extension of Red Stripe lager beer. The liquid is a blend of a Watermelon flavor, natural Jamaican ginger, Red Stripe lager beer, and inverted sugar. Indulge in this rich, crisp, smooth Red Stripe with the spontaneously wild sweet taste of Melon. Simply pre-order and have your drink waiting for you upon pickup. Our specialist is available 24 hours of the day, call us at (876)-776-0001 or email us at


 Call USA/Canada Toll-Free: 813-556-0903


Red Stripe Melon Product Details:

  • A.B.V.: 3.6%
  • Bottle Size: 275 mL
  • Perfect Served: Cold


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