Martha Brae Rafting and Luminous Lagoon Tour

Martha Brae Rafting Jamaica

Rafting on Martha Brae River is one of the most relaxing things that you can do in Jamaica. The river is located on the north coast of Jamaica in a parish called Trelawny. You can have a 3-mile long ride of this river on a handmade bamboo raft. During the ride, you will be surrounded by beautiful trees and exquisite wildlife.


Moreover, you can listen to the sound of the river flowing along with the woodpeckers pecking away and the various exotic birds. All these things will provide you an unforgettable experience. Getting on the Martha Brae river rafting is best for couples as the atmosphere is very romantic.


Furthermore, even if you don’t know how to swim, then also you can enjoy the ride because the river height is just only 4 feet. Currently, there are 80 rafts with well-trained and knowledgeable rafting guides. If you want, your guide can even give you information about everything you will see during your 60 to 90 minutes’ raft ride.


Luminous Lagoon

The luminous Lagoon is a world-famous body of water all because of one astonishing little feature: It glows. Literally. From dusk onwards you get to glimpse the wonderful sight as waves and movements cause the water to glow a beautiful blue, highlighting life and objects in the water. No, this water isn’t magic and it isn’t the fountain of youth. It is all explained by looking a little closer.


Millions of micro-organisms called ‘dinoflagellates’ call the Lagoon home because of its shallow, warm water. However, while living and thriving in the lagoon’s water they also provide quite the show through their defense mechanism of giving off bioluminescent light whenever they are moved.


The Luminous Lagoon, once the most important port for Jamaica, is now a sight for tourists and locals alike to marvel at. Go with a tour for a guided evening of fun and excitement when you not only get to witness this world-famous sight but experience it by taking a late-night dip in the water and watch the dinoflagellates surround you with a bioluminescent aura. Then you end the night with a meal and a few celebratory drinks in honor of crossing something off of your bucket list.



?Telephone Number: +1-876-776-0001

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Private Tour Inclusion

  • Days Available:  Daily
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 am-5:00 pm 
  • Pick up Time:  Upon Request
  • Tour Duration:  5 Hours.
  • Optional Shopping
  • Rates quoted are for private transportation only.
  • Things to take:  Camera,  towel, and pocket money
  • Exclude Boat ride cost of US$25 per person
  • Exclude US$65 per raft and 2-passenger maximum per raft)



1.  Select pick up location

2. Select the number of persons.

3.Click Book Now

4.Proceed to Checkout

5. Travel form must  include Name of hotel or vessel & pick up time


Entrance Fees not included in rate provided:-

Tour From Montego Bay  Cost 1-4Person- USD $180.00    Per  Extra Person  $40.00
Tour From  Ocho Rios Cost 1-4 Person – USD$350.00    Per Extra Person   $30.00 
Tour From  Falmouth Cost 1-4 Person – USD$230.00    Per Extra Person  $40.00 
 From Grand Palladium Cost 1-4 Person – USD$200.00    Per Extra Person $40.00 
Tour  From  Negril Cost 1-4 Person –USD $220.00    Per Extra Person $40.00 

The prices quoted on our site are for 1-10 persons. Please contact us for larger parties.

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  1. Millie B

    The Luminous Lagoon was a place I’ve always wanted to visit and it was beyond my expectations and the rafting was great!!.

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