Presidential Transfers & Luxury Transportation

Travelling around the globe in search of beautiful and inspiring locations can be such a rewarding adventure. One of the most beautiful things about traveling is how you get to take in the uniqueness of places you only see on TV or on the internet.

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What Makes Konoko Falls Jamaica Different from the Rest ?

What Makes Konoko Falls Jamaica Different from the Rest Welcome to Jamaica, home to a rousing and rich landscape with prolific vegetation, mountains, sandy beaches and thick rain forests. Enjoy nature at its best in our paradise with numerous rivers and falls.  Our exciting country allows you

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Vacationers Can Hire Personal Trainers in Jamaica

Vacationers can now enjoy having the best fitness trainers in Jamaica at there disposal.  You can skip the crowded gym and enjoy the rhythmic sounds of waves and barefoot toes in the sand. Luckily for vacationers who enjoy working out but sometimes need a push; we

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10 Best Places To See By Air In Jamaica

10 Best Places to See Via Helicopter Today for an Unforgettable Experience! Are you planning to spend your vacation in Jamaica and you are wondering if there are any world class helicopter tours?  Relax. I’ve got some exciting news about Jamaica Helicopter Sightseeing Tour for

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Montego Bay Premier Transportation Service

We understand more than anyone how important it is for elite and corporate travellers to have access to a high-quality transportation service. It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a cruise, to a villa or a conference, because Jamaica Get Away Travels team will

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