Helicopter Flights From Strawberry Hill Resort To Golden Eye Resort

Helicopter Flights From Strawberry Hill Resort To Golden Eye Resort this is the ultimate way to reach your resort in minutes whilst enjoying the scenic view. There is nothing more stylish or glamorous than a helicopter for an unforgettable. Relax and enjoy our helicopter service under the control of some of some of the most experienced pilots on the island.Whether you are in Jamaica for a meeting, vacation or just staying overnight, fly to your destination in comfort and have a once in a lifetime experience as you enjoy picturesque aerial views of the gorgeous island of Jamaica.Treat your friends or family to a trip that they will never forget by flying out together in your own helicopter ride. You are sure to enjoy your flight and want to do it once more!


There are two types of helicopter available the 206B3 Jet Ranger and one Long Ranger with in flight music is an North American Registered aircraft maintained by our FAA licensed Mechanics and our on staff FAA Licensed Authorized Inspector in our own facility.We take safety very seriously and the Aircraft are maintained to both Federal Aviation Administration, Jamaican Civil Aviation Authority, and all Bell and Rolls Royce Factory Standards. It is approved by the Jamaica Tourist Board and has  transported many celebrities such as P Diddy,Scarlett Johansson,Cameron Diaz,Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.



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  • Rates Quoted is for 1-4 people
  • Deposit Bookings  just send us an email at info@jamaicagetawaytravels.com
  • Please ensure that all effort is made to book your helicopter transfer immediately to reserve your flight.
  • Helicopter Flights are  available in the opposite direction from Golden Eye Resort to Strawberry Hill Resort.


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