Montego Bay Helicopter Transfer To Runaway Bay Hotels

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    Runaway Bay Hotels Jamaica Helicopter Transfers is a great way to reach your resort in minutes and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.No matter what your vacation looks like at Jamaica Get Away Travels, we have fun package deals to build memories of a lifetime.

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Montego Bay Helicopter Transfer To Runaway Bay Hotels 

Runaway Bay is known as the City of Gold Coast also derived its name because it was once an escape route for runaway slaves.  Whether you are taking a quick trip to the airport or going to Runaway Bay for the weekend; A helicopter ride offers a  quick easy and comfortable alternative for travel in and around Jamaica.


There are many different ways to travel around Jamaica, but if you want to see Jamaica from a bird’s eye view city then you have to take to the sky. A helicopter ride is a perfect way of enjoying the scenic view whilst avoiding the traffic. You will see major city landmarks whilst being flown by helicopter.


Feel like an A-List star on your own private journey. Helicopter Flight may not be as expensive you thought if you take advantage of our great prices. Relax and enjoy our helicopter service under the control of some of the most experienced pilots on the island.


Whether you are in Jamaica for a meeting, vacation or just staying overnight, fly to your destination in comfort and have a once in a lifetime experience as you enjoy picturesque aerial views of the gorgeous island of Jamaica. Treat your friends or family on a trip that they will never forget by flying out together in your own helicopter ride. There is nothing quite like seeing the town from a birds-eye view. You are sure to enjoy your flight and want to do it once more!




  • Helicopter seating capacity is 1- 4 persons per transfer
  • Flight time between Montego Bay Airport and Runaway Bay is 36 minutes.
  • Booking will be confirmed in the order it is received and is based on availability.


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